5 Effective Home Decor Design Tips For Your Home

Spring is officially here, which means unique home decor ideas abound as people enjoy the change of the seasons. The bright sun, warm smells, and trees all lend themselves beautifully to making the environment feel comfortable and friendly. In addition to all these positive things, though, it can be a challenge to find the perfect furnishing items to bring the right ambiance into each room of your house. So, when you are looking for unique home decor ideas for the spring, look no further than The Richmond area for some inspiration.

Unique Home Decor Ideas for Spring Foliage – This is the time of year when flowers bloom everywhere, and people just love this weather time so much! This is also where you will find one of the many new neighborhoods that dedicates an entire street to a giant designer display featuring the best in eco-friendly interior design and furnishings. If you want to be green with your decoration, this might be where you start. But there are other unique home decor ideas for spring that have nothing to do with spring blossoms or nature; they include rustic country, shabby chic, southwestern, Victorian, artsy, and many more.

Plain Walls – When decorating an entire house in a single theme, you want to have as much plain walls as possible. Why? Because plain walls can add a sort of elegance to any space, and they allow you to create an air of permanence – think of a hotel suite with plain walls that match the drapes, curtains, and furniture in the room. Some unique home decor ideas for plain walls include Tuscan wall art, prints on plain wall, and wall stickers that feature photographs.

Contemporary Interior Color Guide – Before you put your unique home decor ideas into action, you need to consult with an interior color guide to find out what colors will look good together. Using an interior color guide helps you pair light and dark hues together, as well as mixing light with dark shades. The color guide will also show you how to match specific hues to different walls (i.e., you can match off-white walls to beige walls), as well as to furniture (i.e., you can match your contemporary home decorator’s furniture to the decor in the room). The color guide is great for people who aren’t sure how to decorate because it gives you an idea of color combinations that you can then play with until you get it right. You don’t have to follow the exact shades that the guide recommends, but using the guide as a starting point can help you make decisions about color and style that will impress visitors and friends.

Make A Bit Crazy – Even though you are aiming for a unique home decor project, it doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard. Make sure to plan your budget first and stay within the amount that you can afford easily. This doesn’t mean you should buy everything that catches your fancy or go out and buy the most expensive pieces on the market; sometimes a subtle upgrade is more rewarding for your tastes. Remember, it is okay to mix and match when it comes to design, so long as the result still looks good and is still within your means. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money to get a particular look you want.

Use Wallpaper Instead Of Cabinet Drawers – When it comes to adding a little flair to your unique home decor project, consider using wallpaper instead of cabinet handles. This can really add to the wow factor of your room, especially if you choose bold colors or funky designs. There are a variety of different styles of wallpaper you can choose from including stripes, florals, and even artful abstract designs. Simply tape your chosen design to your wall at least three inches away from the edge, being careful to leave a three inch border around the edge. This will help keep things from rubbing against each other and provide a smooth surface for your unique interior design theme to flow throughout. It’s a simple, cheap fix that will make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your room.

Interior Lighting – If your goal is to provide an intimate setting, then don’t skimp on your lighting. If you need to use traditional lights, go with recessed lights or track lighting. If you want something a bit more creative but still maintaining a sleek and stylish look, why not try hanging accent wall lights? Hanging light fixtures on the wall will add depth and dimension and bring a soft glow to the unique home decor theme you’ve selected.

These are just some of the elements you can include in your unique home decor projects. As mentioned above, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. You can hire a professional if you feel you aren’t skilled enough or if you don’t feel you can work with the unique theme you’ve chosen on your own. Either way, you’re sure to love the new appearance your home decor will provide. With a little bit of planning and thought, you can create a wonderful ambiance and atmosphere that will be both refreshing and inviting to your family and friends.