5 Kitchen Storage Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

When considering kitchen storage, one of the first things to consider is security. Keeping a clean, orderly environment while keeping your kitchen organized can seem difficult on top of your busy schedule, but effective storage can really help to streamline your routine as well as restoring peace of mind and keeping your kitchen safe. Whether you are remodeling or building from scratch, storage may be the last thing on your mind but properly storing items can make a big difference. If you want to create more room in your kitchen, here are some great tips that can help you make the best use of every square inch of space in your kitchen:

kitchen storage

Cookware Storage: A great place to start looking for kitchen storage space is with your cookware. Many families have a variety of pots and pans, both heavy duty and non-heavy duty. While heavy duty cookware is built for heavy use, there are many cheaper, less expensive options available for less demanding cooks. For less demanding cookware, such as aluminum pans, cast iron, and non-stick enameled pots and pans, consider buying a quality pot rack. These racks will keep your pots and pans out of the way and away from the risk of damage and will also add a bit of style and storage space in your kitchen.

Spice Rack and Clear Window: Often overlooked, a great storage solution for your spice rack is a clear, glass shelf. This shelf can add depth as well as function by keeping items on the shelf out of sight, out of your way, and easily accessible. A clear shelf allows you to see all of the items in your spice rack and helps to organize them visually as well. Many homes have a number of bottles and containers sitting on the kitchen counter, and this clutter can become very hard to deal with. By using a clear, glass shelf, you can quickly and efficiently get rid of this excess clutter.

Drawer boxes and drawer slides: If you find yourself constantly grabbing drawers to set things down or to grab an item from the pantry, you may want to consider a drawer slide or drawer box. drawer slides allow you to free up the countertop while providing storage space underneath, which is ideal for those cluttered kitchen cabinets. drawer boxes, on the other hand, can provide extra storage space for any odd or oddly shaped items that you need access to quickly.

Dish Rack: Another kitchen storage idea is to invest in a hanging rack. Hanging racks, which allow you to hang a rectangular basket from the top bar, provide a simple and elegant storage solution. Some hanging racks are equipped with a hook or a peg so that you can hang baskets of all shapes and sizes. The countertop will no longer be needed as a place to put dishes and food when you don’t need them there.

Pot Rack and Dish Rack: To optimize your kitchen sink and countertop, consider purchasing a pot rack to position your pots neatly. With a pot rack, you no longer have to keep crumpled plates, bowls, or spoons beside the sink. Also, a dish rack allows you to hang pots upside down to save counter space. These types of racks also allow you to store extra containers in the same area. They take up less counter space and can even add extra storage space to a kitchen.

Storing Spices: You can use a spice rack or a hanging spice rack to store your favorite spices. A hanging spice rack makes it easy to move the spices around the kitchen while still keeping them within easy reach. A spice rack or a pot rack allows you to organize your collection by type and color. They are also useful if you are planning to make your own pantry from scratch.

Cutting Boards and Shelf Lids: If you like to cut meats and prep foods, you will definitely need cutting boards. Hanging cutting boards or sliding cutting boards will make it easier to prepare food. Similarly, you should invest in a good set of cutlery so that you can better serve guests. A shelf lid will also keep cutlery clean and dust-free.