A Review of The Bathroom Renovation Guide by Beverly Barton

A Review of The Bathroom Renovation Guide by Beverly Barton

The Bathroom Renovation Guidebook is filled with expert advice to assist you through the whole renovation process from beginning to end. Use the interactive reno tool to access various download checklists, plans, and tips to assist you as you work through it on your own at your own pace. Once you’ve read the entire guidebook once, you can come back and download it again if you need to.


The Bathroom Renovation Guidebook is divided into three main chapters. The first provides a brief introduction to bathroom design topics such as how to choose a color and theme for your bathroom, fixtures, and fittings, tile styles, paint, textiles, flooring, and accessories. It then goes on to describe how to begin your bathroom renovation project and goes over important things like bathroom size and shape and whether or not you should hire a professional to do the work. You’ll also find out the importance of choosing the right fixtures, and fittings as well as the types of bathroom rugs that would look best in your bathroom.


The second chapter of The Bathroom Renovation Guide focuses on how to select and install new fixtures and fittings. It explains what type of fittings you can choose from and the proper way to position them. It also lists the different sizes, and measurements of sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets as well as new bathroom wall coverings. There are even charts and diagrams that break everything down step by step. It goes over the installation process of new fixtures, and fittings as well as the plumbing and electrical directions.


The third chapter of the guide is more of a quick overview of ideas and concepts. It gives you a broad view of what’s available so far as bathroom renovation ideas go. It includes some fabulous ideas for using older materials in modern ways, including reclaimed wood and metal. There’s also a helpful checklist of do-it-yourself projects, which can save a great deal of money. You’ll learn the difference between tiles and vinyl flooring, and you’ll see why tile is better for bathrooms than other types of flooring.


The fourth chapter covers bathroom fixtures and fittings that can be recycled after renovation. It talks about using tiles and ceramic tiles, metal tiling, linoleum and other types of recycled materials. It also touches on water damage prevention, covering water damage with plywood, using non-skid tiles on shower walls and around bathtubs, and the role that non-skid tiles play in the safety of your bathroom. It concludes with a checklist of renovation mistakes to avoid when redecorating.


The fifth and final chapter of The Bathroom Renovation Guide takes a more detailed look at custom fixtures, including fixtures for tubs, showers, faucets, mirrors and more. It talks about different types of materials, such as porcelain, copper, stainless steel, brass, and more, as well as the different finishes available, including polished, matte, or textured. The guide concludes with a few simple ideas for getting the most out of your bathroom design. It includes information about choosing fixtures for your shower, tub, and fixture stand.


The Eureka! Guide offers tips for saving money and minimizing damage during bathroom renovations. For example, instead of buying drywall, use pvc pipe for your doors and windows. Use non-skid tiles around bathtubs, toilets, drains, and other fixtures. Don’t put wallpaper down in your shower because it can cause mold and mildew. If you have plumbing problems, hire a plumber, not a drywall contractor.


As you can see from this brief review of The Bathroom Renovation Guide: Best Buy, it is not just a book about purchasing supplies and materials to renovate your bathroom. It also takes into account practical issues, such as what kind of fixtures and cabinetry will fit in your space and whether or not you should use a new bathroom vanity or just install a new bathroom floor and mirror. The author’s expertise is focused on creating a clear, easy to read format that makes sense and is easy to follow. Even the most jaded contractors can figure out the concepts and techniques that this guide employs. In fact, many people will find the methods outlined here to be so easy and straightforward, they will wonder why they never thought of them before.