Affordable and Funky Bathroom Makeovers

Bathroom makeovers are among the easiest home improvements to perform and can bring a dramatic change to your house. The first thing to do is to decide upon the style and design of the renovation project. You have to consider the layout, color scheme, size of the bathroom and other factors such as the material used, the number of persons who will use it and so on. Then you have to decide upon what new things you want in the bathroom to make it more functional.

Affordable and Funky Bathroom Makeovers


For bathroom makeovers, there are a lot of ready-to-use items you can purchase. These include sinks, tubs, tiles, cabinets, faucets, mirrors, toilets, tubs and basins, toilet roll-tubs, shower curtains and window shades, tiles, rugs, blinds, vanities and bathroom ideas. If you want a particular theme for your bathroom makeovers, you can use ready-made designs or choose among the many available home accessories. The tiles, however, should be the right material and the shade should match the walls. For ideal results, the furniture and accessories should be of the same color and material.


One of the best bathroom makeovers for beginners is to replace the old medicine cabinet with a modern medicine cabinet with a sink. It is relatively easy to install and it can be purchased at a relatively low cost. This cabinet is relatively easy to maintain as it only needs cleaning once in a while, unlike the old-fashioned vanity sinks that tend to gather grime and require constant scrubbing.


Bathroom makeover ideas which focus on the ambience are also good. Changing the color scheme of the walls is an excellent way to enhance the ambiance. In case you want to retain the traditional look, you can use white or off-white colors for the walls. Alternatively, you can opt for bold and bright colors for your bath makeover which will help to make the room more interesting and attractive. Another option for changing the ambiance of your bathroom is to paint the walls in colors that complement the theme of the entire makeover. For example, if you have chosen a botanical theme for your makeover, then painting the walls a lemon yellow will help to tie the room together.


Bathroom makeovers inspired by a theme of flowers may include changing the shower curtains and hanging shower curtains in bright floral patterns. If you do not wish to hang shower curtains, then you can use them as tapestries on the walls. You can also decorate the bathtub and vanity area with tapestry instead of using curtains. When you use tapestry instead of curtains or shower curtains, it is advisable to buy a large enough piece to cover the entire area. The best part about having a big piece of tapestry instead of shower curtains are that you can decorate the bathroom makeover in a big way. You will get inspired by the huge amount of tapestries when you visit various stores.


If you want a bathroom makeover with a spiritual touch, then the best thing to use is candlelight to illuminate the entire makeover area. Candles create a romantic feel to any space; they are very appropriate to decorate a bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Even when you go for a total bathroom remodel, you can add candles to the room. The candles can be placed all over the room either on the shelves, furniture or even the bathroom sink. It is advisable to have one candle in each location. You can decorate the rest of the bathroom with lovely scented candles, which can heighten the romantic aura of the bathroom.


Mid century bathroom ideas need not cost you much. You can find cheap cabinet options for your bathroom that are available in different designs and styles. Cabinet options do not compromise on quality. When you choose to remodel your bathroom with a small budget, you can still achieve a fabulous and budget-friendly bathroom remodel by simply refacing the existing cabinets with attractive and modern glass cupboards and drawers.


Bathroom remodeling is not a very taxing task. Instead, you should think of ways to reduce the costs. However, if you are not too keen on DIY, you can always get the services of a professional to accomplish the entire task for you. Alternatively, you can plan out for a complete DIY guest bathroom makeover by browsing through various home decoration websites and magazines.