Bathroom Renovation Timeline

Bathroom Renovation Timeline

A bathroom renovation timeline is essential to any bathroom remodeling job. This is because the bathroom renovation usually encompasses several phases and it is not always easy to keep track of every single step. For example, a plumber’s work schedule will vary depending on the client’s preferences, on the complexity of the project and on the size of the project. So it is advisable to map out all your bathroom renovation timeline’s stages. The general contractor should be consulted for his recommended schedule.


As part of the bathroom renovation timeline, an electrician is also required. An electrician performs the major functions of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. In addition to that, he also provides home modifications, which may include flooring, painting, and fixtures. Therefore, his presence is crucial in the entire construction process.


Any bathroom renovations are long-term undertakings. So, it is advisable to prepare a detailed timeline for every phase before beginning the job. A good guideline for timeline is the one which shows the projected completion date. The general contractor can provide you with this timeline, which can be used as a basis for other stages.


One of the most important stages of any DIY approach is the preparation of the blueprint. This includes drawing up the plans, selecting the appropriate builders, and coordinating all the necessary tools, equipment and materials. The bathroom renovation timeline for the blueprint should clearly show the phases involved in the construction. In case you require professional assistance to draw up the plans and if you lack experience in the field, then you may hire the services of a structural engineer, architect, or a civil engineer.


The first stage of any DIY approach is the development of the overall bathroom renovation plan. This includes estimating the total cost of the project, identifying and purchasing materials needed and procuring licenses, and permits required. Once the estimate has been prepared, it will be necessary to find contractors that can complete the project within the specified budget. The bathroom renovation timeline for this stage should include the scheduling of bids and selecting the one which offers the best price. The builder chosen should be able to provide a certificate stating that they have the necessary permits and licenses to carry out the work within the stipulated time.


The second stage of the ultimate bathroom renovation timeline is the acquisition of the necessary permit and license. Most importantly, these documents prove that the construction is in accordance with applicable municipal laws. In case you have to acquire such documents before work starts, then identify someone who is skilled and experienced in the field. Another way to acquire such documents before commencing the work is by holding discussions with your local councilor. Once the permission and license are acquired, the contractor can commence the actual work.


The third and final stage includes the preparation of the required equipment and tools for the bathroom renovation. This includes the plumbing, electrical, heating, water supply, and drainage systems as well as the demolition of existing fixtures. If the renovation project requires demolition of fixtures such as the toilet and sink, then identify qualified professionals who are qualified and capable to do the job. After obtaining such permits, the contractor can start removing the old structure and plumbing. However, once the plumbing is ready, the contractor must have the proper permit and license to dismantle and reassemble the plumbing system back into its original position.


The actual renovation work can take approximately two weeks to complete depending on the number of plumbers and workers required. At the same time, ensure that all drainage systems are drained so that there is no water damage caused to your home. A plumber may suggest the use of rubber roofing or using cement blocks to fix the problem. It is however better to consult a professional plumber who will be able to guide you on the best option available to fix the drainage blockage. After the bathroom renovation is completed successfully, the plumber can continue with the interior repair work.