Bedroom False Ceiling Design

Ultra modern bedroom designs for the 21st century have become extremely popular, especially for homes in sunny California. There are numerous forms of ceilings to choose from and while many people still spend time with regular stock roofs, there are also some prime sleeping areas with spectacular upper ceilings like the cathedral shaped wood beams with mural murals, ultra modern metal skirting boards or even as simplistic as being raised by a grand modern chandelier. Of course there is no limit to the styles and materials that can be used to design a bedroom ceiling. It is all about allowing enough light and space to be able to enjoy the room to the fullest without being overwhelmed by the mass of wall decoration. Here are just a few ideas for your bedroom ceiling ideas.

Bedroom False Ceiling Design

One of the most popular forms of bedroom false ceiling design today is the cove lighting. A cove lighting design allows you to form a warm and cozy “canopy” over your head and shoulders and still receive light from all around you. The best part about a cove lighting system is the fact that it does not put the spotlight directly above your head. Instead, it is placed so that it illuminates an area that is slightly in front of you and from this point you can gain access to a wealth of lighting sources that will help you create a cozy getaway. For a cove lighting system you may opt to utilize dimmer switches that can control the amount of light that enters your bedroom at any given time.

Another wonderful form of bedroom false ceiling design is the indirect lighting. Indirect lighting creates soft shadows that gently guide the eye throughout the room. They can be used along with your cove lighting or they can be used separately. An indirect lighting system is composed of four main elements; two light sources and one reflector. (There are also indirect lighting systems that use just one light source and a reflector, which are sometimes referred to as “focal units”.)

In addition to these four main components, many designers incorporate what is known as “the box” into their overall bedroom false ceiling design. The box refers to the area on either side of the room that is perpendicular to everything else. Many designers place mirrors, or various types of lighting into the area so that you can gain a better view of yourself from this spot. This is one of the best ways to get a true look at your silhouette while enjoying your room.

While many people envision wooden panels as the most common type of false ceiling, you may want to explore other options. In particular, gypsum ceilings are a great option. (Check out gypsum boards online for even more choices.) Gypsum ceilings consist of tiny pellets that when heated, expand to several times their initial size. This is perfect for maximizing space in a bedroom, by creating an illusion of extra space that you just didn’t have otherwise.

If you are interested in making this style of false ceiling a permanent part of your decor, there are several products available that can do this. One of the best options is a fabric cover that attaches to the ceiling above it. These covers work great because they completely cover up the gypsum. When you’re done with it, simply pull the cover over the top of your ceiling and tape it down. Because you now have a clean seam running across your ceiling, and aesthetics that you enjoyed from decorating the room still remain.

Even if you are not interested in a wooden false ceiling design, there are still a number of options that will enhance the look of your room without detracting from the functionality. If you have cracks within your walls, you can fill them with wallpaper paste or decorative paint. If you have cracks in your drywall, you can use patching material to patch the holes, which makes the wall look like new again. If you have wooden flooring in your bedroom that has been exposed to moisture, you can sand it down and reapply some finish to it to make it look as if it was newly installed. You can also refinish your wall to bring back the same warmth and character into the room.

With all of these options available, it’s easy to see why many people are considering bedroom false ceiling designs. They allow for elegance, aesthetics and function all in one solution. If you haven’t given any thought to decorating your bedroom, these ideas and professionals will help open your mind to exciting and new possibilities.