Coastal Kitchen – A Relaxed Southern California Vibe

Coastal Kitchen – A Relaxed Southern California Vibe

Coastal Kitchen & Wine offer an enticing breakfast menu and a variety of delightful lunch offerings that will give you inspiration for your next coastal kitchen menu. Start your day right with one of their popular delicious offerings from Coastal Kitchen’s breakfast menu such as a delicious frittata with fresh spinach and feta cheese, rich French toast with caramelized banana and chocolate syrup, or a warm Mediterranean plate of bruschetta, eggplant, prosciutto, roasted tomatoes and raw hummus. Or enjoy a scrumptious homemade seafood meal with Tillamook salmon, crab cakes and grits. The outstanding brunch served with freshly made coffee and lemon juice will serve as your perfect appetizer while you enjoy the other great offerings in this fabulous breakfast restaurant. Or finish off your morning with a glass of wine and some fresh fruit.


After a long day on the beach, make a stop at Coastal Kitchen & Wine to unwind and enjoy their wide array of refreshingly good beverages such as: Baked Alaska Iced Tea with Swiss Chocolates, which is so easy to drink because of its deliciously sweet taste paired with velvety smooth ice cream and amaretto sauce. Enjoy their signature frozen drink made from peach, apricot, raspberry, coconut or cherry juice, peach juice, mint leaves, lemon juice or lime, topped with crushed ice and topped with Swiss chocolate. If you need a break from the heat, make a stop at their Ocean Park Bistro, which offers an extensive selection of sandwiches and salads. Or move ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth with any of their yummy treats such as:


At the Coastal Kitchen & Wine Suite, you are treated to wonderful options for your sophisticated taste buds. You will delight in the delightful offerings such as: BLT Ranchesweet Rachat Rillettes, BLT Sliders with BBQ Sauce, BLT Maple Syrup, Blueberry Cobbler, Cherry Coconut Crab, Chocolate Chip Stem Pecan Rolls, Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, Cappuccino, and Chili Adobo. In addition, the suite guests receive a signature cocktail and a signature dessert that are created by the award winning cookbook, California by Design, by Jennifer progressives. Make sure to treat yourself to this wonderful dining experience while in California!


The Coastal Kitchen & Wine also feature an award winning chef, Holly Hayden whom was born and raised in California. She has been cooking all her life for some of Hollywood’s best known and most popular cooks. Ms. Hayden is well known for her casual and relaxed southern California vibe paired with her mouthwatering culinary creations. You will love her delicious dishes, especially her chicken fettuccini with broccoli and asparagus; her chanterelle mushroom omelet with chanterelle mushroom cream, her warm vegetable ragout with collard greens; and her tender prime rib marinated with garlic, Rosemary, thyme, and bay leaf.


The restaurant itself is located at the historic Chinatown area in San Francisco’s Lower Bottoms. Its architecture is very distinctive along with a warm and welcoming welcome. The Coastal Kitchen features a spacious and open floor plan with exposed brick walls and exposed wooden beams. This gives it a homey feel that instantly invites you to be part of the fun. It even has its own lighthouse restaurant which offers light food and wine before enjoying your evening at the amazing bar and lantern district.


The interior design of the restaurant pays homage to both the local and the exotic. There are tropical color tones throughout, inspired by nature. Some of the furnishings have a coastal motif with a nod to the local cuisine. For instance, there is a bamboo bar with stools and umbrella that is reminiscent of the furniture at the beach. However, on a more somber note, the restaurant has a bar table with a wrought iron design and a large picture of a sailboat on the wall as the primary sign of the restaurant.


Each night at the Coastal Kitchen, you will experience the best of southern California has to offer. Each guest will be treated to live music performed by local musicians while enjoying a four course meal prepared by award winning chefs. The large bar is perfect for hosting a private event or celebrating a special occasion. The chef is prepared to work with you to make sure that every guest has the best experience possible. If you are looking for a great experience with great food and a unique environment, then this is the place to come to celebrate the South Bay’s culinary culture.


If you are ready to enjoy a night out with friends or family, this is the perfect choice for the best dining experience in San Francisco. With five star quality food and fantastic customer service, it is no wonder that Coastal Kitchen continues to be a popular and well-known restaurant. If you are looking for a unique and relaxing experience, check out what makes Coastal Kitchen one of the best restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area. The friendly staff, fantastic food and top quality customer service have made this dining spot one that you will want to return to time again. If you are ready to give the whole family a great, comfortable place to eat, then you will definitely want to check out the Coastal Kitchen during their next visit.