Creating A Relaxing And Chic Bohemian Bathroom

Boho bathrooms are all the rage at the moment. You can see them everywhere from trendy chic Bohemian hotels to traditional, country-style homes and apartments. Boho bath accessories are popping up everywhere in these environments as well as throughout the world. And what makes them so alluring is their unmistakably Bohemian style, which owes its inspiration to India, Africa and the Caribbean. These designs are characterised by large, brightly coloured fabrics and natural elements such as coconut, wooden panels and coconut mats.

Creating A Relaxing And Chic Bohemian Bathroom

For example, if you look at a boys bathroom in a beach resort, you’ll probably notice that the curtains are beautifully printed, the floor tiles are rough-hewn and the bath tub is made of large waves for contrast. In addition to the general theme of boho style, these bathrooms are liberally decorated with Indian tapestries on the walls, bamboo baskets and natural wood accessories. You might also find a display of masks or skulls, to give the room some authenticity. Shower curtains are often found in the exotic Indian fabric of Banarasi cloth. These are beautifully textured and made of old-fashioned material such as brocade or silk.

If you’re looking to incorporate the natural aesthetic of an island sanctuary in your home, a boho bathroom vanity will help set the tone. Made from wood, it is the perfect place to display your native Indian jewelry and ornaments. They’ll make a stunning centrepiece to your walls, and they complement the clean lines and natural colours usually found in this type of environment perfectly. Your choice of tile will depend entirely on your own tastes.

Most Bohemian bathrooms feature a natural ceramic tile or stone countertop, which is then complemented by wooden planters filled with herbs and natural flowers. If you opt for the “no-bacteria” bathroom vanity, you’ll be happy to know that most of these models use a countertop made from porous ceramic or clay, which is very easy to maintain. This type of design requires that you either keep your counters squeaky clean at all times or cover them with a damp cloth when not in use. It’s a fun and unusual way to decorate the Bohemian bathrooms of your house.

The other aspect of Bohemian style bathroom furniture is the wide range of colorful and vibrant tiles and slabs, which are used to decorate the bathroom. Bright colors are a must; you need to balance the bolder hues with the more neutral ones to avoid an overwhelming effect. Accent tiles come in large sizes, such as travertine, which provides a strong and durable accent; or, if you prefer a more subtle effect, opt for ceramic or slate mosaic tiles, which come in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

To finish off your Bohemian style ensemble, you’ll need plenty of decorative baskets and towels to complete the look. Complementing baskets are a must, and so are the matching towels. The size and shape of the baskets and towels need to be carefully chosen to go well with your bathroom vanity and mirror. Another idea to complete the look is to hang a shower curtain rod with a colorful decorative flower or animal print on it. It doesn’t matter what you decide, just make sure that whatever you choose complements the rest of your decor and theme. After everything has been put together, you’ll have a charming and comfortable place to freshen up and relax.

One of the main characteristics of the Bohemian style bathroom furniture is its great use of natural materials. For instance, it would be more appropriate to use wood instead of plastic as a wall covering. It would also be more appropriate to use natural materials such as clay, ceramic, or slate tiles, as the primary flooring material. Glass walls are also ideal in this theme; glass allows you to show off your personality and sense of art. The walls need to be painted in neutral colors, as the paint will help in creating a more organic feel to the room.

Lighting is very important in any bathroom. While traditional light fixtures may look good, they tend to be too bright and can create a distracting and dull atmosphere. In a boho style, however, you can choose special fixtures that reflect or bounce light away from the walls and focus it instead on plants, candles, or other objects. You can also go for scented lights, or even try an electrician-mechanic type of lighting that recedes from the walls, illuminating the entire bathroom. If you have enough space, you may even consider placing two small indoor plant pots on one side of the tub or shower; these will give your plants some shade and will soften the hard surfaces of the tub and shower stall. Finally, remember that when you’re selecting lighting for this room, it’s more important that the light bounces off the walls rather than directly onto your skin; this is especially important if you have guests.