Dark Bathroom Designs

Dark Bathroom Designs

If you’re already taken by a dreamy and dark bathroom, then read on for more inspirational dark and dream bathroom ideas. Stylish decorating has hit the cover of many magazines lately, with a sense of abandon and a dash of boldness. So what sort of style should you bring into your own home? What elements will you put into your bathroom that lend it a sense of contemporary flair? Here is what the latest trend looks like, as well as how you can use it at home.

Your walls need to have a contemporary feel. Start by choosing a paint colour palette that matches your walls. Look at what modern minimalist designers are doing with their walls – they’re often heavily scented with white or black paint. You could choose a similar dark bathroom theme but paint your walls a light colour, such as a pale pink. This will give a fresh contemporary feel, especially if your bathroom is large.

A modern touch in the bath area would be to go for a glossy black and slate tile on the walls. Add to this a dark red countertop and a matching stool. Don’t feel the need to match the colours exactly – it is your bathroom after all, so you can play around a little bit. Alternatively, you could choose a dark colour palette such as a metallic grey, or a pale orange. Both these colours will add a lustre balance to your room.

Flooring needs to be bold. Go for timber floors, or opt for a natural stone such as marble to make a statement. Or create a mosaic pattern with different coloured tiles – look at tapestries for inspiration. Remember that light colours don’t necessarily suggest light rooms, so keep your scheme very much to the point. If your dark bathroom is small, then paint one wall a darker shade of the colour you are trying to achieve. You can use an accent wall as a platform to build on from the other walls.

To finish off your minimalist bathroom design, add a few accessories. For example, choose a ceramic sink that has a copper or silver rim. If your bathroom is small, you might want to choose a rug which ties in with the surrounding wall colour. Another accessory to consider is the installation of an overhead light. These lights can dramatically transform the look and feel of dark bathrooms.

There are also some excellent bathroom accessories that create a moody atmosphere. For example, adding dark bathroom tiles to your shower can create a dramatic effect. Likewise, adding a colourful towel rail can add interest to a bare floor. As always, think about the visual interest you want to achieve. A dramatic Roman window treatment can be used to really add some punch.

The final thing you need to consider is your lighting. If you want to keep it minimal, then simply opt for a single overhead lighting fixture. Alternatively, there are several different lights available. For example, floor lights can create an interesting effect and highlight individual tiles or other features of your bathroom. Mirrors can also be highlighted by the right type of light.

Another idea is to add mirrors. For this, you will need two mirrors. One large rectangular mirror and a few smaller mirror cut in a geometric shape. It is important to place the mirrors in such a way that they face each other. This way, the reflection of your choice in the mirror will be visible.

Once you have the basics in place, you can take a more detailed look at your walls and flooring. It is important to choose neutral colours. You may like to use dark tiles on the walls. But remember that dark tiles will make the room look bigger than it actually is. So if you have a small bathroom, avoid dark coloured tile. On the other hand, a dark tile floor with a bold pattern will add a great deal to your dark tile bathroom design.

Achieving a lustre balance is very easy. Simply balance dark colours on your wall and floor with the same dark tiles on your bathroom floor and wall. Again, avoid dark colours on your ceiling. Flooring must also be neutral. Choosing warm brown or yellow for your bathroom walls and bathroom floors will help you achieve a very pleasing lustre balance.

These tips can be applied to many bathrooms, even if they are not particularly dark bathrooms. If you need a touch of drama, you can add a small piece of art. Art can also give a striking effect. Art pieces with hints of red, purple or black will give your bathroom an extra dimension. And with your unique wall colour and tiles, you will have a beautiful bathroom that will make you proud to show it off to your friends.