Fall Home Decor Ideas – Pumpkins Are Perfect With Autumn Display

What is it that makes autumn the most wonderful time of year? The crisp air, pumpkin spice scented candles, and cinnamon flavored apple cider or pumpkin pie! There are so many fun fall home decor ideas! One particular idea that pops up time and again when talking about fall decorating is cozy lanterns. I love these rustic lanterns and have included them among my autumn home decorating ideas because they go with so many different themes.

If you want to get started with fall decorating, a great place to start is with the color scheme. The color scheme for fall depends on the color of a pumpkin, and the dominant hue for the seasons. If you want to play it safe, you could use browns, burnt orange, and creams. If you have a creative side, you could combine these colors to create some truly lovely fall decor! You could then transform this seasonal color scheme into a centerpiece by placing candelabras around the room that reflect the dominant hue of the season.

Another one of my favorite autumn home decor ideas is to create cheery fall-in-the-woods scenes with a variety of dried fruits. Pumpkins, gourds, apples, plums and other fruits of the autumn can easily be displayed on a large silver tray in a cheery wicker basket. Place a few pieces on top of a plain tablecloth and add some inexpensive mugs or glasses filled with hot cocoa to set the scene for a cup of hot cocoa. The perfect table to display your cheery fall centerpieces is one that are shaded and out of the way during the day, but features some seasonal flowers and foliage during the fall.

In addition to using cheery centerpieces, you could also try some fun autumn home decor ideas by adding some side table space to your cozy abode. A fall side table is a great place to host conversation during any of those cool autumn evenings. Consider placing the table against an east or west wall in your cozy abode. Using a bright orange vase or two, fill the table with bright colored flowers or a fall flower arrangement, add some candles, and you have an inexpensive autumnal party with a natural touch!

Autumn decorations can also take on an informal nature. Use leaves to create various fall wall hangings. Try hanging these leaves in various shapes and sizes, from whimsical to autumnal. Hang these leaves in your living room, on the dining room table, on a porch bench, even outside on your front porch! These fall decorations are really inexpensive and will add a wonderful touch to whatever room you choose.

Another inexpensive way to add fall vibes to any room in your home is to create mason jars filled with fall flowers and greenery. Use a simple color scheme for your jars that mirror your color scheme for your fall display ideas. You can make these jars easy to clean by using mason jars with lids, just fill them with a few drops of your favorite fragrant oil and let the oils float inside for an elegant and natural look. You can buy beautiful pouches, especially made for this purpose, at craft stores. These pouches are easy to carry and store, and are inexpensive mason jars that can help you create wonderful accents throughout your home.

If you would like to create a more sophisticated fall look in your living space, consider placing one of your mason jars on an autumn candle wall sconce. This simple ornament will provide just the right touch of elegance to any table or side table. A great way to incorporate this ornament into your decor is to use a variety of lovely pomander flowers to top your candle wall sconce, such as sprigs of ivy, sweet pea, dew-rind sunflowers, and more.

Pumpkins are the perfect companion to fall display ideas because they are both festive and practical. Whether you choose to place your pumpkin on a mantel above your fireplace, in your entry hall, at the foot of your bed, or in your family room, this durable and colorful vegetable will provide welcome seasonal cheer. Not only will your guests find the sight of these inviting and delightful autumn leaves inviting, but they will also be delighted by the practical benefits that a regular pumpkin will give year-round. You can find fun ways to use your pumpkin this autumn by searching online for additional fall decorating ideas.