Getting the Most Out of White Bedroom Furniture

White bedroom furniture is an outstanding choice for bedrooms, dens and other master bedrooms. Bright white bedroom furniture adds warmth and cheer to a room. White bedroom furniture is a contemporary favorite that provides a sophisticated look. Bedroom furniture can create a dramatic focal point and enhance the beauty of a room. The bedroom is the most important room in the home, so choosing bedroom furniture can be challenging. The furniture you choose should reflect your personal taste and add elegance to the room.

Getting the Most Out of White Bedroom Furniture

White bedroom furniture is a beautiful way to update a bedroom or condominium with sleek modern designs. White bedroom furniture beautifully sets off the rich natural wood tones often found in darker neutral-hued wooden furniture. In the master bedroom, a solid wood platform bed and shiplap wall panels add rich charm, but white, shaded doors and open shelving accents keep the look contemporary and fresh. Rich hardwood or laminate flooring may be used for more traditional white bedrooms.

An antique teak bed or an antique pine dresser make fantastic additions to an older bedroom. A dramatic dressing area or mirrors on the walls will enhance the drama of the room. A large chandelier or crystal chandelier adds light and sparkle. Modern day touches such as a flat panel monitor with built-in speakers add functionality.

White painted walls are a modern classic. Rustic painted walls add warmth and romance. Painted wood walls with distressed wood trim add a vintage touch to white bedroom ideas. Sheer painted walls accentuate the bed and add lightness and elegance.

White bedroom accessories are the perfect way to blend in with your decor. Decorating with off-white walls is a great way to add subtle color. Accents such as rugs, pillows, throws and curtains can help balance the bolder tones of painted furniture. A sleek and clean rug or white bedspread accentuates and coordinates with your decor.

If you want a classic airy look, use pale floral curtains and sheers. A modern accent rug in off-white helps keep the room from feeling classic. White wall curtains are great for decorating ideas because they are simple yet elegant. Sheer white bedding is also elegant. Use accent rugs on the floor and add throw pillows that are checkered and tie-dyed.

Cuff links are eye-catching embellishments that add flair to your bedroom decor. Rugs and throw pillows are another excellent option for coordinating with your accent rugs. Find small bedroom items such as hand towels or washcloths that have a neutral shade. Match them up with a modern geometric print that is reminiscent of a t-shirt with small stars or something off-white. This will be an easy way to create a pop of color without overwhelming the room with an abundance of bright accent pieces.

Decorating a subdued all-white room interesting takes a little more thought and planning than going all out with bold tones. Instead of adding lots of brightly colored accent pieces, choose a few key pieces with a neutral shade. Find solid, muted pieces for wall decoration and baseboards, then layer in your accent colors. If you want a very defined look, consider painting one wall in a very dark color, like black, and the other walls in a very light or pastel color, such as white. Wall art is a great way to give a bedroom set a three dimensional appearance.

Flooring: The flooring in an all-white room needs to be very timeless. If you choose stone or ceramic tile, for example, be sure they’re in neutral shades so they match all other elements in the room. In a bedroom set with solid wood flooring, consider a very patterned or layered design on the subfloor. This way, it will tie together the different wood tones from the floor. Natural wood can also be very interesting, especially when it is stained a rich color or painted in a vintage design. Using this kind of flooring in an all-white environment is a great way to add personality to the room.

Accent Pieces: For a more dramatic look, think about hanging a few accent pieces, such as an antique tray or a vase filled with flowers. Using this type of embellishment will add depth to a space that may otherwise be plain. For instance, if you have a nightstand that has a very plain frame, you could paint one side of it a deep, earthy color and use an accent piece on that side for an interesting effect. You can also choose to use two different accent colors on the same wall or on different walls in the bedroom. The end result will be a beautiful overall color scheme that ties everything together and makes the most of the wall space.

If you feel like you are limited in your decorating options, don’t despair. With access to the Internet, there are now dozens of online retailers that offer hundreds of great ideas for decorating with only white furniture. These companies typically offer a wide variety of styles and sizes, which means that you’ll be able to find just the right pieces to complement your home. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can turn your space into a beautiful retreat that meets all of your needs while remaining a timeless retreat that will stand the test of time.