Home Renovations Made Simple – 10 Steps to a Creating a Positive Experience

I started with a vision of the items I wanted, shopped and sourced to generate this vision, generating changes to the design as required or as my eyes were opened to something new that worked much better than what I originally been on mind.

Based upon my exposure to our renovation and lessons learned while utilizing an interior design firm, I wanted to share 10 Steps to some Positive Renovation Experience.

1. Define your general budget. By this I mean specifying how much you want to invest in the complete project. This is important because it will determine where and what you really are searching for. At the start, you’ll find it challenging to categorize your budget.

2. Create a set of ‘must-haves’ and then to every one list ‘why’ you included each. This will function as a point of reference when something tempts that you divert from an original plan. Sometimes it makes sense to do this in the event the replacement is better/cheaper/faster but sometimes you will recognize that your original vision makes more sense.

3. Draw a detailed sketch of the original vision to serve as a point of reference. Nothing fancy but just enough to enable you to understand your desired layout. Again, with further research along with the input from relevant professionals, this might change but your drawing and listing of ‘must-haves’ is going to be important reminders if the options seems endless as well as the friendly recommendations a lot of to count.

4. Gather images and samples. Sit down having a pile of magazines, surf the web and collect the inside images that interest you. Organize your chosen images together in a very binder with clear sleeves. Make notes around the pages of what you want about certain elements. This is a great tool to help you choose finishes, materials, hardware, etc.

5. Gather options. You have a general idea of the items you want use some broad research to discover the best places to be looking.

As you would guess, these are located at two different stores. Compile a set of vendors with detailed notes from the products they carry, cost range, lead time and shipping, etc.

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