How Much Does a Bathroom Makeover Cost?

If you are considering a do-it-yourself bathroom makeover, take into account what you will be spending. There is no need to hire a plumber, electrician or interior designer. You may already have in mind all of the items that need replacing. Some of the items to replace may be in your bathroom already.

How Much Does a Bathroom Makeover Cost?


There are many ways that you can reduce your DIY bathroom makeover cost. One way is to use a small bathroom suite instead of a luxurious suite. Look for a suite with plenty of storage options and maybe even a vanity unit. A great vanity unit can really add to the appeal of a bathroom. Not only will it add value to your home, but you will also be able to add personal touches to your new bathroom suite.


A very inexpensive way to lower your DIY bathroom makeover cost is to use light paint over dark cabinets and tile. This may sound like a good idea when you consider how expensive tile and cabinetry are. But you also need to consider how this will impact the value of your home. By simply replacing some light tile with a light colored moving wall, you will greatly reduce your bathroom makeover cost.


Another way to reduce your DIY bathroom makeover cost is to find tiles that can be used for your bathroom as well as wallpaper. This will save you money on wallpapering and will allow you to choose a lighter paint color. Some colors that look great as bathroom tiles include coral and turquoise. To create a natural look, choose white tiles. Another option is to use a stone as your bathroom floor tile. By combining the different pieces of tile and flooring together, you can create a great-looking bathroom for a very reasonable price.


When purchasing tiles, ask your supplier what would be the cost of assorted tiles in order to get the variety you need to create a beautiful bathroom. By using ceramic tiles instead of porcelain tiles, you can reduce your cost of installation by almost 50%. Another option for a tile replacement is grout. Grouting is much cheaper than purchasing a new tile. The grout lines will need to be sealed after installation, which again will lower your cost.


When you are designing your bathroom, do not focus on the function of the room. Many people make the mistake of only focusing on the look of the room. While function is important, it should not be the main reason you redesign your bathroom. You can significantly reduce your bathroom makeover cost by choosing simple but elegant bathroom fixtures. The fixtures themselves will make a big difference in how your bathroom appears and by choosing simple elegant fixtures, you will save money when it comes time to replace the units.


In addition to replacing your tiles and faucets, you may want to consider updating your lighting fixtures. Most people do not replace their lights because they are dirty or worn out, but you can update them for very little cost. Most hardware stores carry lamps and other fixtures that can be changed to new styles very affordably. In addition, many people who love to pamper themselves with spa accessories will purchase new pieces of jewelry, towels, and bath mats to complete their new bathroom.


When designing your bathroom, keep in mind that you can often save a lot of money simply by buying a new curtain. Often times, curtains are sold in sets, which includes both the liner and the backing. The liners help to keep water out of the tub and the bath, and the backing acts as a barrier to traps dirt. Buying a new curtain will not only update your bathroom, but it will also help you save money. A new curtain will help you achieve a great looking bathroom quickly and inexpensively.