How To Create A White Bathroom Without Sacrificing Other Design Features

When browsing white bathroom remodel ideas, you’ll find that most of them contain white floors and walls. This base is exactly what sets the stage for the room, but also is an excellent chance to make visual impact with a layered style. To accomplish this, play up the tile work throughout the room by layering it out in various patterns.

How To Create A White Bathroom Without Sacrificing Other Design Features

If your room has white walls, there are several ways you can make them stand out. One way is to utilize the light blue ceiling tiles you will find. Layering these tiles on the white walls will instantly add depth. The same goes for using dark blue or grey tile on top of white walls. These will contrast nicely with a cream or egg white ceiling.

Next, you want to set the focal point in the room. While the floor and ceiling are great places to begin, it’s the tub and shower that give the white bathroom its focus. You can really make this the focus of the room by adding large, oversized claw foot tubs. These large tubs will sit directly in the middle of the room in place of a vanity. They’ll provide a countertop for washing your face, a backstop for shaving, and a built-in bench.

Another option is to add white bathroom cabinets and shelves throughout the bath. These should be placed on either the wall or floor near the tub or shower. To keep the cabinets from being noticed over the tub and counters, place a light colored mirror over them. This will not only visually offset the cabinets, but it will also help prevent them from being noticed over the white counters.

Finally, the most important part of this design is the tile and tiling. You need to pick up several sets of subway tiles and cut them to fit along the edges of the walls. These tiles can be found at most home supply retailers. You should then use adhesive to attach them to the wall without overlapping the tiles so that they match the rest of the design.

In terms of functionality, adding small bathroom lighting is crucial. A small bathroom is hard to focus on because it’s so small. Adding small bathroom lighting makes it easy to see when you need to shave or apply make-up. Since most white tiles are textured, you should also consider using bathroom wall lights. These can be simple round lights or those that are designed to look like candles.

As mentioned earlier, a key factor in designing a white bathroom is to keep the color subtle. The problem with adding too many colors is that it can overwhelm the space. When in doubt, stick to basic white shades such as ivory or cream. The most popular colors for bathrooms include light green and off-white. If you really want to go with a lighter color, consider using a color that is a couple tones lighter than your main color. These will give you the effect of a cleaner look without making the rooms appear cluttered.

The last major consideration involves texture. Many people don’t like the feeling of a floor covered in “soft” surfaces. To combat this problem, consider using tile with a smooth finish. Smooth tiles will have a unique feel and will be easier to walk on. This helps create a welcoming atmosphere in a small space like a bathroom.

Other ideas include using bold patterned tiles on the walls. Try creating a central focal point that is surrounded by a series of smaller patterns. This can include bold stripes, polka dots, or other geometric patterns. Remember, if you use too many patterns, the space can become overly busy and the overall effect can be lost.

Finally, if you want to pull off an all white bathroom without sacrificing any of the other design elements, add as few accessories as possible. White tiles are beautiful, but they do not need any other decorations to add character. If you have a focal point or other decorating details in a bright color, then you can simply work those into the design. Just be sure that your accessories don’t conflict.

For those who are interested in trying a unique style in a smaller space, there are lots of options. There are floor tiles made with different textures and colors, shower curtains with printed patterns, towel rods in a wide range of colors, and even fixtures such as toilet seats, kitchen sinks, and faucets. It doesn’t matter how big or small your bathroom may be, there are lots of ways that you can pull off a modern style without compromising any of the other important design features. All it takes is some creativity and a good eye for design.