How to Make Your Galley Kitchen a Winner

How to Make Your Galley Kitchen a Winner

Making design choices for the galley kitchen renovation was no simple task, but the outcome was well worth it. Planning: Prior to purchasing an apartment at Forest Hills, Queens, the avid home-buyer decided to buy the place and formally make it his own. He knew he wanted to make major design changes like incorporate more stainless steel appliances into the design. The kitchen cabinets and appliances, he purchased were replaced with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. The owner was not content with these changes but wanted the cabinetry to be lighter and to reflect the nautical theme of his home. Design considerations: Since he already knew the layout and intended to make the most of his available space, the new galley kitchen renovation was not that challenging.


Remodeling the galley kitchen renovation was a fairly straightforward matter. The first step was to acquire new cabinets. Countertops were the next concern since the owner wanted to go with granite countertops and install stainless steel appliances. The homeowner decided on purchasing new cabinets as well, but since the previous ones were not in tip-top shape, it was time to hire a general contractor.


Kitchen lighting is an important factor to consider when updating a kitchen. The galley kitchen renovation had four main zones: the breakfast area, the food preparation area, the drink preparation area, and the dessert preparation area. This type of kitchen design allows each zone to be easily seen by potential customers. In addition to the kitchen cabinets and countertops, lighting is an important element to consider. The lighting works best when the light fixtures are flush with the walls and when the cabinet doors are open. Here are some things to look for when hiring a professional.


Galley Kitchen Renovation – Hires a General Contractor The first thing to look for in a general contractor is his experience. Experience is very important when it comes to renovating homes. No one wants to be spending more than they have to on a project so it is important to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Any galley kitchen renovation should be planned properly. If you do not have a very good idea of what you want, then hiring a general contractor is the way to go.


Galley Kitchen Renovation – Use Galley Kitchen Countertops There are two main options for a galley kitchen renovation. The first is to use modified galley countertops. These countertops are smaller in size and usually the tops are raised. Modified galley countertops are great if you already have a countertop that is too small for the work you are getting done. The other great option for the galley kitchen renovation is to get new countertops.


Galley Kitchen Renovation With Walkway The first step to take for any galley kitchens is to create a walkway from one cabinet to another. If you can create a walkway without replacing any cabinets then that is even better. It is not unusual for people to walk all around their kitchen just trying to figure out where everything is. You can also save a lot of time by building a walkway.


If you choose to use a walkway in your galley kitchen renovation, then you will also want to add a small door on each side of the walkway. Then you can place your cupboards in a straight line as well as using the space well. Since you will not be replacing any cabinets, this makes it easy to utilize all of the space. You can place whatever you wish inside your cabinets.


Galley Kitchen With Countertop If you are not a fan of the natural light, then you may want to opt for a simple galley kitchen with countertop. The great thing about countertops is that you can use them for almost anything. You can even use some of your countertop to hold appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. You can also find many natural stone countertops which give the kitchen a very warm, authentic look.