Kitchen Islands and Peninsula – The Work triangle is Moving!

Kitchen Islands and Peninsula – The Work triangle is Moving!

What exactly is a Kitchen Peninsula? Simply put, a kitchen peninsula is an area of free space behind the kitchen sink that is used for storage purposes. The definition of a kitchen peninsula is a part of flat land that borders on the kitchen sink. In the kitchen area, a peninsula shares the same idea but referring to only countertops and cabinetry rather than free pieces of land.


The placement of a kitchen peninsula can add depth and function to your kitchen design. It can even be used to separate the cooktop from the sink, or the sink from the hob. A kitchen with a flat, open countertop on one side of the peninsula helps to create a more open floor space in the kitchen. This, in turn, creates a walking distance between the two cooking areas.


By building in a kitchen peninsula, you are able to utilize that space for much more than storage, however. If you have a galley kitchen design, then you will find that installing a seating area above that peninsula makes all of the difference. Adding built in seating such as bar stools, love seats, or even end tables gives the entire room an added function and adds to the overall aesthetic of the room.


A kitchen peninsula is also very useful for creating extra work space or work areas out of doors. A rolling kitchen island that can be stored out of the way when not in use is very convenient. In a smaller kitchen or home, having a rolling kitchen island that can be moved to a convenient spot when needed can help you make the most of available space. These work spaces can either be used as work stations or for eating, relaxing, or other tasks.


While kitchen peninsula designs are very versatile, they are most commonly designed with the U-shaped or L-shaped design. A U-shaped kitchen peninsula is one in which the central “v” of the kitchen is located along one wall. The second half of the peninsula consists of a straight lined row of cabinets on the opposite side of the U-shaped wall. Typically, these cabinets are positioned opposite the door from the center of the kitchen.


L-shaped kitchen peninsula designs are very popular in homes where there is limited dining space. The L-shaped design allows for the easy installation of food preparation appliances, refrigerators, and dishwashing machines in a limited amount of space. Because there are no food prep utensils or appliances installed into the U-shaped wall, the entire kitchen countertop can be used for food preparation, as well. This makes the L-shaped kitchen peninsula ideal for people who like to cook and occasionally host family gatherings or entertain guests. These kitchen peninsulas are also popular in small kitchen designs.


Dura Supreme Design adds new elements to the popular and versatile kitchen peninsula. This kitchen peninsula gives you added storage space and a top of the line surface for your food preparation appliances and other kitchen counters. With an island in the middle of the peninsula, you have twice the storage room in one area. The Island also has a high-end countertop that makes it ideal for a home chef or other food preparation professionals. The front of the island includes an integrated stainless steel-lined food preparation stand, and there are six individual dishwasher drawers for easy storage of plates, silverware, and plastic containers.


If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen or designing a new kitchen for a new home, consider the idea of a kitchen island vs. peninsula. An island increases your workspace by giving you a second work triangle. It provides you with extra counter space above the stove where you can prepare soups and other items that require additional cooking time. You can also add extra storage space to your kitchen with the use of a peninsula, which can also increase your kitchen storage capacity. If you are planning a remodel or are considering building a new home, consider remodeling your kitchen with the use of this new kitchen island vs. peninsula.