Living Room Designs for Small Spaces

Living room designs for small spaces are a tough thing to come by, but it is certainly not impossible. It just takes a little ingenuity and some savvy. After all, this space is one of the first things people will see when they walk in, so it should be visually appealing and inviting. Here are some tips for using space wisely with your small living room design.

If your living room design is going to be the dining area, you want it to be visually appealing, as well as functional. Consider placing the dining area away from the kitchen. You can pull this off by building in an eating area that is directly on the back of your dining room table. If you are building the dining area away from your kitchen, you can consider adding an island in which you can chop onions or fish.

If your living room is going to be the entertainment space, consider seating arrangements that do not have much activity. This space is perfect for placing a couch, recliner chair or sleeper sofa, and you might even want to invest in a coffee table that has storage space or shelves. These will help keep your television, DVD player and bookshelves out of sight, saving valuable floor space. Another idea for seating arrangements is to add more seats to a sofa, sofas or chairs that have arms.

Now, let’s say you have space for a craft area, but it doesn’t have a table in it. You could build a desk or a few drawers and put them in a corner. This makes a great space where you can work on your hobbies, craft projects, or wood working without being near your craft materials. You can also make use of a table as an end table. This eliminates the need for a huge table that sits right in the middle of the living room.

Lighting is another important element to consider when designing living room interior ideas that utilize small spaces. You can have lighting that is dim, so it doesn’t reflect off of the walls, or have very bright bulbs, so it shines through the ceiling. Remember to choose colors that are soft, subtle and complimentary. You want the light fixtures to fit your furniture and the colors in the room design. Use shades that will make it easy to change the lights when you need to.

Flooring needs to be carefully considered when living room interior design ideas for small spaces are considered. You want to choose hardwood floors in order to keep the room warm, and neutral in tone. The type of flooring you choose needs to have durability, so it will not require too much maintenance after it is initially installed. Vinyl flooring is also an option that many people like to use, because it is inexpensive and easy to clean. This type of flooring can easily be purchased at a local store or on the Internet.

Wall space should be carefully considered. If you have a TV, then you probably want a larger wall space for it. Otherwise, you can place the TV against a wall, but you might want to leave part of the wall open, for more storage or light. Another interesting idea is to place an island in the center of the living room. It can serve as an entertainment center, a reading area, a place for family activities, a sofa or even a game table.

In addition, you can use the various aspects of a living room to set up an eating area. You can set up a bar with stools, a miniature kitchen, a buffet, or even a mini dining room for parties and gatherings. You might be surprised at just how much room you have to play with! Don’t be afraid to enjoy the details when planning your living room interior design ideas for small spaces.