Modern Bedroom Decor

A modern master bedroom can be designed with many different styles & designs. These bedrooms feature a lot of traditionally modern touches including straight lines, low & high furnishing, and a variety of different material like linen, leather upholstery & even teak wood. The ideal modern bedroom in the above photo is decorated in white and silver with a black edgy backdrop which gives the room an elegant, casual look. The beds in this bedroom are styled with straight lines and black finish fabric.

Modern Bedroom Decor

If you love the traditional feel in your bedroom then you can incorporate this with modern elements. For example if you have a traditional four poster bed you can go for a chic French geometric bed with clean lines and a black finish. This type of bed has simple curves in the frame and has beautiful details like it’s own little pencil & paper holder. If you want to add a few more touches to the room, then you can add some pillows in black or deep charcoal color to create interesting seating area.

Black is another great color to work with when designing your master bedroom. You can use earth tones in the bedding, such as pale blue or off white to give your room a warm feel and a touch of classic elegance. Contrasting colors like off-white or blue will give your room a more contemporary feel.

Another important aspect of the modern theme is texture. We have all been to a fancy hotel suite, decorated to an almost artsy level of comfort. The bed is plush and you can tell the person who owns the place is an absolute professional because of the way the room is laid out. But if you have the opportunity to design your own bed, then this can be a really fun process. You can choose from different textures. A silk throw over a velvet couch would be a really luxurious look for your master suite.

Another great idea is to use heavy drapes or shutters on the windows. These heavy drapes will block some of the natural light from getting through the windows, but will allow in enough natural light to brighten up the room. One way to use the natural light in your bedroom accent is by installing a skylight. You can also install large window curtains that come down to the floor to allow in plenty of natural light. These curtains are easy to change out and you don’t have to buy new ones each year; you can change the color to match your decor.

Color and fabric are a big part of the modern master bedroom. You should choose bold, intense colors for your walls and throw pillows and furniture in these same intense colors. This will really bring out the reds and oranges in a room. For the flooring in your master suite you should consider choosing rubber flooring. This flooring is very durable and easy to clean; it is also comfortable underfoot.

Other accents to add to the modern theme include crystal vases, art and sculpture. Crystal chandeliers can really give a room an energy boost. Art pieces are always great accents. Sculptures can have a carved shape or a more abstract piece. Art has a lot of history and meaning behind it, so it is easy to fall in love with some of the more ancient pieces.

The last part of the bedroom that needs to be emphasized is the headboard or the nightstand. You want to make sure that your master bedroom has a nice balance between the top of your head and the ceiling. Most people have their bed against the ceiling, with their feet on the floor. If you like this type of arrangement then a nice option is a platform bed. This bed features a nice comfortable platform that can easily be raised to provide extra sleeping space.