Order of Kitchen Renovation

There are several steps involved in order of kitchen renovation. This depends on how large or small your budget is and will also be dictated by the amount of space you have available. It should be made clear to any potential contractors that you have a definite plan in mind and that you will stick to it. Don’t be tempted to change things just because you find something cheaper or something more convenient. The chances are that you will end up regretting your decision and will have to start all over again.


In order of the most basic to the most complex design there is, let’s start with the kitchen itself. Firstly you should plan where you are going to place all your food and equipment before starting your work. If you have an island bar, this will obviously have to be planned for and any movable appliances such as the fridge, cooker, and sink should be fitted at these points. If you don’t, you may well have to move them while the demolition work is going on.


Secondly you will need to look at the work that needs to be carried out to get the kitchen ready for renovation. If you haven’t already done so, consider removing any removable kitchen work and making space for new items. This will mean clearing any counters and flooring and possibly moving tables and chairs. Once this has been done, it is time to decide what will remain in your kitchen and what will go. An example of this is removing any kitchen cupboards so that you can fit in new ones.


Once all this work has been completed you will need to think about how you are going to arrange your kitchen and what order of kitchen renovation will suit you best. Most people, if they have their kitchens renovated, simply arrange all the items in the kitchen by color or type. This is often the easiest way to arrange items and it also gives a sense of order and cleanliness. Another option is to order kitchen cabinets and drawers. However, unless your cabinets are freestanding and standing you won’t be able to fit them in and there can be a significant amount of effort required to keep them together.


You can always break up your plan and work in smaller chunks. One idea is to create divisions within the kitchen based upon function. For example, your large refrigerator could be divided into a ‘leftovers’ cupboard and a ‘healthy drinks’ cupboard. Your microwave oven could be partitioned into a ‘easy cooking’ compartment and a ‘clean up’ compartment. These ideas are just a starting point and you could always devise more divisions or allocate different areas to certain tasks.


Another option would be to order kitchen units where you can place appliances and cookery utensils. In this way, you’ll free up space in your cupboards. The units themselves can be flexible, as you could choose ranges or ovens that are designed to sit neatly next to each other in harmony with their surroundings. In order to maximize the space you have available, consider installing double cooker units. By doing so, you will not only save valuable floor space, but you can provide twice the cooking power for all your family’s requirements.


It’s a good idea to work out your budget and work it through as far as possible before you start the actual project. Once you’ve planned your budget, it will be easier to identify features that will help you achieve your goals. It might be that you need to remove some wall tiles to make more room or you may wish to fit in a new island. Don’t rule out features such as a bar or an entertainment center, as these can greatly improve your kitchen’s functionality. Also, if you need to have a high-tech sink installed, look into whether it’s possible to acquire a sink that has a concealed motor.


A key element of any kitchen renovation is the range hood, which should be located immediately behind the stove. In many cases you can get away with replacing this piece of equipment and fitting a brand new one. However, it’s usually the case that they are not easy to remove and it will almost always be necessary to install a new one. The decision to install a new range hood is one of great importance and it’s one that should not be left to chance.