Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Scandinavian bedrooms are among the most peaceful, relaxing rooms you can get. Minimal clutter, plush blankets, pieces of nature, and plenty of soft lighting make them almost impossible to leave behind. To assist you to create your very own Scandinavian inspired bedroom, here are some key components that you usually find in them. Scandinavian bedroom furniture is as diverse as its people, but these are some of the main pieces that you will likely see.

As was mentioned above, Scandinavian bedrooms often have some element of color scheme involved in their design. As with any color scheme, Scandinavian style simply means to paint the walls in soft pastel colors or a pale floral shade. You may also choose to paint one wall in a vivid color, such as red, and the other in a more neutral shade, such as ivory. The tones on these two walls will balance each other out, so the overall effect of the room will be one of calm serenity.

Because most pieces of furniture in a typical Scandinavian bedroom design are either metal or are wood, you will want to select pieces that are as durable as possible. For example, a bed or night stand should be made of natural wood. If you are planning on using a solid color for the entire room, then go for a bed that has a natural wood finish, such as pine or mahogany. Metal is usually a dark gray, black, or brown, so use those colors to accent the pieces of furniture you select.

Another great thing about Scandinavian bedroom designs is that there are not many heavy furnishings, such as armoires or large chests of drawers. Instead, focus your attention on accent pieces, such as mirrors or an area rug. You might want to use one or two over-sized items, such as a large, contemporary mirror, or a unique color to accent your room. You can even find Scandinavian bedroom decor that combines Scandinavian touches with southwestern touches. Many of these styles include rustic elements, such as Mexican pottery or Native American masks. In addition to using lots of natural materials, keep in mind that the Scandinavians did not have much furniture of the modern type, so there are plenty of interesting ways to use pieces from the southwest.

Since the Scandinavians were a group that often stayed indoors during the winter months, you should also pay special attention to your Nordic bedroom decor. Because they did not need a warm living environment, their bedroom decor is naturally warm and cozy. Using southwest style hardware on the walls, use light colored bedding, and select a rustic finish for your bedroom furniture. Use Native American pottery or wood along with other southwestern touches, such as beadwork and feathers on your pillows and throws. As you get started, remember that the goal of your Scandinavian bedroom design is to combine elements from both the east and west.

The wall covering is the single biggest item that will set the tone of your room, so it’s important that you pay attention to both color and pattern. A common choice in scandi bedroom decor is to use earth tones, such as mocha and brown. Rich browns and burnt reds add a unique touch to Nordic design. These colors will give your walls a depth of richness that is not found in most colors.

You’ll also need to think about additional accessories to complete the look you’re going for in your Nordic bedroom. Since the Scandinavians were famous for their nightstands, make sure that you get a good piece that matches the color of your accent walls. Nightstands made of metal are always a great choice. Bamboo baskets, compacts, and other useful items can all be used to complement your theme.

Finish off your Nordic bedroom decor with a few accent pieces such as a pair of wall plinths to hold up your wall art, and a wooden bookcase to hold your books. Add a couple of small Nordic mirrors to your nightstand and desk. If you love boho style furniture, you’ll want to add a pair of boys throw pillows to your bed as well. These pillows will bring an old world charm to your bedroom that is sure to make it stand out from the rest.