Shabby Chic Decorations for Any Space

If you want to look casual, comfortable, chic and vibrant, we recommend you bookmark this modern Shabby Chic Style Guide as your future reference. Before we start, first define the basics of shabby chic decoration to help you develop your personal shabby chic style in your home. Start with a neutral background when you plan the layout of your bedroom, living room, kitchen or other space.

What are some ways to incorporate shabby chic looks into your home? Mixing in some pops of color, the couch and loveseat can becomes stylish. Just look at the wallpaper options and mix and match to create a perfect space. Some of the principles to incorporate shabby chic style to your home as below:

Shabby Chic Tone

Once your shabby chic living room furniture is furnished to your liking, look for textured fabrics and accents to add a distinctive charm to your space. Throwing wool over linen or artfully laying linen cushions in pastel colors increases the mood factor of the couch, while hanging plants, a lamp or even a small piece of furniture bring the whole motif together.

The furniture and furniture you choose are the key elements that define the tone of your living room as shabby chic. Pastels and neutral tones are a preferred choice, as they give your room a refreshing atmosphere.

Washed Out Furniture

A shabby chic living room may seem far less feminine, but it’s an approach that won’t alienate anyone in your home. The key element of this style is the use of natural materials such as wood, leather and natural light. It can be combined with a more masculine background to create a cozy living room, or it can’t be easy to buy a shelf and look for a restored gem and take it to sew it all together.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a shabby chic look in any room is to use painted wooden furniture that has an old – worn-out – look. This look can be achieved by painting over a wood-stained piece and then rub the edges gently with sandpaper.

The soft elements are complemented by whitewashed accent furniture to create iconic, aged style elements in your space. In addition, your designer adds matching accessories such as chandeliers, lamps and other accessories to create a bohemian aesthetic in the room.

Add in French Style

You can easily mix and match different patterns and shades to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Follow these simple rules to achieve the perfect “shabby chic” decor for your room. White and soft pastel tones can be created with a friendly French decor hint to highlight the oppressed atmosphere.

Add in Vintage Style

A classic metal frame in antique bronze is a smart choice for a shabby chic bedroom, and you can give your room an old look by adding a vintage style lamp, lamp or even vintage furniture. You can never go wrong with a vintage style lamp in antique bronze or a classic metal frame in vintage bronze for a shabby chic bedroom.

Antique mirror and Chic Chandelier

Add a touch of sophisticated chic to your home with a preserved rose or peony and fall in love with shabby chic chandelier in vintage bronze with an antique mirror. Antique mirrors go well with vintage furniture and look great in a shabby, chic design interior.

You can easily adds a feminine and romantic touch to your interior. Give your room a noble chandelier lighting that could be a great gift for any room in your home or even your office or office.