Some Ideas for Contemporary Bedroom Wall Designs

Some Ideas for Contemporary Bedroom Wall Designs

When it comes to bedroom wall designs, there are numerous options available to homeowners. Wallpaper can be very expensive and wallpaper itself is rarely seen outdoors as it is usually too heavy. It is also hard to match a single wall with wallpaper. That being said, many people still prefer painting over wallpaper. There are several different techniques that can be used to paint over wallpaper. Here are a few of those techniques.

Faux finishes are among the most popular choices for bedroom wall designs. These can imitate various types of wood, brick, stone, tile, marble, and even concrete. Many people choose to use faux finishes because they are easy to match with most decors. There is a wide variety of faux finishes to choose from and most retailers have several samples that can be used to create bedroom wall designs for any size bedroom or master bedroom. To achieve a high-quality faux finish, try utilizing a stapler in applying the faux paint to the wall.

Another choice for bedroom wall designs is the use of luxurious fabrics. Many people use sheer curtains or drapes to cover their windows. These fabrics allow the sunlight to enter while keeping the heat of the sun out during the winter. Sheer drapes or curtains made of Egyptian cotton are quite common in households with children since these are very easy to maintain. Some luxurious fabrics that are ideal for bedrooms are velvet, silk, chiffon, and crepe. The fabrics mentioned are all relatively easy to clean although it’s important to occasionally vacuum clean these bedroom furnishings.

If a homeowner prefers a calming effect in their bedroom, they can purchase wallpaper that has a blue tinge to it. The hue is often associated with peace and serenity. Many homeowners who are trying to create this type of ambiance in their bedrooms purchase wallpaper with a blue print or border along with a picture of blue water or sea. In order to apply this type of wallpaper to walls without the use of drapery or painterly tape, it’s important to occasionally dust the ceiling and baseboards with a fine-grit cotton pad.

Bedroom wall decoration schemes can be completed with the use of inexpensive lighting fixtures. When selecting light fixtures, homeowners may want to purchase an electric chandelier which is available in black or white finishes. For those who wish to create a romantic atmosphere in their bedroom, a chandelier made of delicate dark blue may be chosen. Such bedding items also come in a wide variety of shades including black, cream, burgundy, and cream blue.

As one of the most popular bedroom decorating ideas, the use of shiny hardwood flooring is widespread among home owners. This particular touch is often associated with the regal and wealthy. Unfortunately, the expense of natural wooden flooring can be prohibitive for most average households. Fortunately, there are other options that can offer the same look without the cost. Shiny hardwood flooring can be reproduced by many manufacturers at a fraction of the cost. Pillows, throws, and curtains can also be purchased that feature shiny, mirror-like surfaces which can be wiped clean.

Another popular bedroom design is the use of white sheets and a white-accented comforter. This particular design style is quite common in many classic Western images which were typically set in a white-washed parlor or country inn. A comforter must always be selected in order to properly achieve the desired effect. Typically, white sheets are used for this type of decorating scheme because white sheets tend to be much cheaper than all-natural wood-based sheets. The addition of white sheets, pillowcases, and throw pillows in the appropriate colors can help set the scene for a unique bedroom design.

Bedroom designs that feature solid colors are also quite popular. One of the most popular examples of this bedroom furniture arrangement is the use of browns, tans, or grays. These colors are often used with either solid wood furniture sets or the use of brightly colored leather pieces. Leather furniture pieces such as a sofa or love seat often have contrasting stitching which adds depth to the room’s decor. Additionally, it is common to see browns and tans paired with reds, blues, or greens to create bedroom designs that have a vibrant appeal.