Some Simple Steps to Renovate a House

My wife and I have been constantly renovating a home for the past two years, while still living in it and eventually moved out. During that time we had a baby, moved to a different city, went through a divorce, and survived a move as well. Now, here we are two and half years later and we are finally getting close to buying a home of our own. We have looked at a number of homes and we’ve narrowed it down to three. Those three homes are listed below.


On our list is a residence built on a wood frame on the east side of town. The home renovation plan includes tearing down the existing walls, repairing roofing, installing new windows, doors, and cabinets, putting in new carpet, a new washroom, upgrading appliances, a fireplace, installing an upstairs balcony or patio, and adding a second floor. It also calls for demolishing the detached kitchen and bathroom on the north end of the house, along with the bathtub and washer/dryer below. The basement is being renovated for storage purposes. This residence has a lot of potential, so we will spend the extra time to make it all perfect.


The next project on the list is a residence being built on the north side on a concrete base. The renovation includes tearing down the old structure, installing new windows, installing a wall balcony or patio, putting in a basement, updating appliances, putting in a second floor, getting rid of the staircase, painting the walls, and getting rid of the two stairwells in the basement. In order to allow us to get a lot done during the extra time this project will take, we will be working outside much of the time. It will be a challenge to convert this into a normal life style because of the extra time needed. There will be no living areas in this work zone so we will have to be content with cooking and socializing in this work zone.


A house that is being renovated on the south side of the property has a little bit different considerations than the other two properties we looked at. First, the house is on concrete pads so there is not a lot of room to convert to normal living. Second, the house will be taking on more water because it is on higher ground. Finally, it will be harder to find things in this work zone because it is farther away from the house. Since this house will be taking on a lot of water and humidity, it is advised that we hire an exterior waterproofing company to install our new roof.


The steps to renovating a home on the east side include demolishing the current house, removing the garage door, putting in new plumbing, replacing the electric supply, remodeling the kitchen, getting rid of the basement, putting in a patio, and getting rid of the storage room. We can also tear down part of the existing walls, if we want to create more square footage. It should be noted that we will need to get permits for any demolition work. This demolition will have a positive impact on the market value of our home because it will bring in more traffic.


The steps to renovating a house on the west side include removing the garage doors, putting in new floors, installing a new roof, putting in new windows, getting rid of the basement, getting rid of the storage room, and adding landscaping. If you want to see how everything is done, contact your contractor and they will walk you through the entire renovation. They will also make sure that the house is leveling before it is painted and roofed. If you don’t feel comfortable renovating your home on your own, contact a renovation company or builder for their help. There are many contractors and builders in the Toronto area that are more than willing to help.


When planning the renovation, make sure that you list all the items you will have to purchase and keep those items in a box. Also make a list of the contractor you are going to hire for the job. Make sure that you do not get stuck with a poor job that will end up costing you more money in the end. Get some cost saving ideas by looking around your house. For example, saw off a beam that was nagging and was not noticeable.


If we use these tips we will be able to find the right steps to renovate a house fast and efficiently. Renovation projects do not have to be very expensive and complicated. As long as we follow the right steps, we can get rid of clutter and get a brand-new look. It doesn’t take long before we will be able to change the overall ambiance of our home into something that is more welcoming. You should start planning today.