The Beauty Of A Raised Ranch Kitchen

For those who want an authentic dining experience in a luxury residence, the luxury ranch style kitchen is the perfect choice. This timeless design features dark wood panels that are hand-rubbed for an authentic look. The Black Satin Marble which covers the countertops in the Scripps Ranch kitchen Remodel makes a tranquil atmosphere as it surrounds the equally contrast White Macubas Satin Marble at the center island. Pristine StarMark cupboards hide the wall units, while a Maple Waynesville White adds a contrasting finish to the main island.

The Beauty Of A Raised Ranch Kitchen


The choice of appliances is also important, but when it comes to luxury raised ranch kitchen remodel projects, there is simply no match for the beauty of the original. Each piece is hand-crafted to bring a true sense of classic Western elegance. In fact, most of the original elements have been retained, but the rest is entirely original. Three-burner stainless steel stoves, fully-automated fryers, and refrigerators fitted with milk cooling systems complete the features. The Black Satin Marble of the countertop is finished with a protective spray sealer, a rarity if there ever was one, to protect the natural surface. Only the strongest of homes could withstand the ultimate test – a lifetime of daily use.


When it comes to choosing the kitchen sinks, most homeowners go for the traditional rectangular design. However, the expansive sizes available today mean that every kitchen can be transformed into something completely unique. Popular choices include oval, rectangular, and even heart-shaped sinks. If durability is a top priority, round sinks are popular for this type of remodel. This is because the corners remain perfectly level, and the sides and back do not add anything to the profile of the sink area. The heart-shaped design is perfect for those who are looking for something a bit more modern, while round-shaped items are best used in a traditional home.


In addition to choosing the right finishes, there are other things to consider when creating a ranch kitchen look. For instance, flat-panel cabinetry is an excellent choice for families with children. Since there are no gaps, spills can be easily wiped up. While stain-resistant paint is available for painted cabinets, solid wood finishes offer the best protection against stains and scratches.


Families with pets should also look for quality products to replace old units. A quality sink with a leak-proof top is essential to provide pet-free clean up. Similarly, new cabinets are necessary to accommodate the increased number of uses. Fitted with a dishwasher that offers enough space for larger families, this will also save time when washing dishes.


Flooring is an important component of any remodel project and one that should not be overlooked when making a ranch-style update. Flat-area carpets, or rugs, are typically used to enhance the space’s distinctive look. To provide added durability, choose resistant tile used for the backsplash and the flooring. Tiles that feature subtle grains or lines are excellent choices to allow a homeowner to maintain the space’s character even after the remodel is complete.


For those interested in creating an outdoor atmosphere, siding is an ideal option for a new ranch-style kitchen. It is ideal for those who would like to retain the character of the past but are looking for a more modernized look. Vinyl siding is the most affordable, yet durable option, as well as easy to care for. In addition, it is a viable choice to use outside instead of building an addition, and is also very easy to install.


If the goal of a remodel is to create a space that is conducive to creativity and efficiency, a raised ranch kitchen with a full kitchen might be the best option. With high ceilings and wide living areas, the family can feel like they are in an inviting and comfortable home. Lighter floors help to keep the room cooler during the summer months, and darker floors help to conserve energy during the colder winter months. Furthermore, a person can add additional features, such as built-in benches and cabinets, without having to build an addition.