Tips For Designing a Small Bathroom

Tips For Designing a Small Bathroom

Bathroom design ideas for small spaces can be quite a challenge. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s the room that gives you your daily shower and the room where you get ready to go about your daily routine. As such, it deserves the attention to detail and design. Here are some bathroom design ideas for small spaces that will help you get started.

A small bathroom doesn’t mean that the floor has to be shabby. By adding a splash of color and pattern to the walls, you can make your bathroom much more inviting. Paint the walls in a warm color, such as a light blue so that they reflect the light and add to the space. If you have a wall that is painted a solid color, you can buff it out and make it a focal point by painting one wall a bold, contrasting color. This will add visual interest, while at the same time make the room appear larger.

Using stenciling or a rug can be a great bathroom space saver. The problem with bathroom walls is that they tend to be very smooth. Spicing up the walls with interesting designs can help to pull the bathroom design all the way around. Add a rug that runs the full length of the bathroom or a border of some sort, and this can help to break up the space and make it feel like a much larger area.

One bathroom that tends to be quite small is the toilet. Most people do not take full advantage of their small size, so the toilet is one of the least remodeled rooms in the house. Adding a few new upgrades can be a great way to make improvements to the bathroom. For example, if you are upgrading the toilet, try to choose a nice stain for the floor. Consider putting in a wall mounted or free standing shower stall, if the space permits it. These can be very functional and help you use the small bathroom space more efficiently.

The vanity area of the bathroom is often overlooked, but it is an important room to create space for. Having a small vanity will make the room look smaller. A nice large mirror on the wall can add some depth to the room and make it seem more inviting. A nice cabinet with storage can also be helpful in this space. The most important thing to remember is that the bathroom should always feel open and spacious.

Finally, the toilet can easily become a cluttered and unorganized room. Creating a plan to organize the toilet and drawers can help to make the small bathroom seem less cluttered. Also consider putting in shelves or cabinets for storage. If you have limited space, consider getting a small sink with a single plumbing fixture.

These bathroom design tips can help you create a room that is more functional and useful. Remember, the bathroom is not just for bathing. It can be used for many other activities. Consider remodeling the small bathroom to be more useful and enjoyable. Make it more appealing with some careful planning and consideration of how you use the space available.

Your personal taste will play a big role in your bathroom design. Bathrooms should reflect your personal style. Many people opt for a contemporary look in small bathrooms because it is a bit more unique and interesting. Others prefer a more rustic country theme. There are lots of options when it comes to decorating the small bathroom. It is a personal choice.