Top 5 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

If your kitchen is beginning to show some wear and tear, it is time to spruce up your kitchen by reupholstering the cabinets or bringing in an attractive piece of trim. Take advantage of a kitchen renovation project to bring in an attractive piece of new furniture, such as a table top or maybe a loveseat.

Want to know what you can do on a shoestring budget? Below are five ways to help you save money on kitchen decorations. These inexpensive kitchen decorating ideas can be used to reduce your total kitchen remodel costs.


Consider a paint or flooring substitution if you don’t have high end decorating material for the kitchen. Paint your kitchen white and add neutral accents (amber, black, gray) to hide it and make it look bigger. If you want to play with your kitchen decorating budget, go with simple, understated home décor items like vases and even wallpaper.

Old Appliances

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and don’t worry, not only can you save a few dollars this month by doing some appliance shopping, but you’ll also have all of your holiday leftovers to use in the new year. If you find yourself using the same thing from a year or two ago I highly recommend doing a Google search for the specific brand and type of appliance you use.

Make some inexpensive items to fill the gaps in your kitchen. If you know exactly what you are buying, you will save tons of money on decorations. Check the lowest price you can find before buying in bulk. Your appliances will look new for years to come.


For more countertop room, look for white paint. This color is a great accent, and some medium-size, white-painted cabinets can be used as sinks, kitchen counters and more.

How many counter tops do you actually use? If you go to your local Home Depot and see a 10×10 area, give yourself a 1/4 inch woodworking project. Buy the same size countertop you have now, and then use a cutting wheel and sandpaper to mark it off and cut it. Then you have a new counter that you can dress up at your leisure.

Linens and Towels

If you use the same linens and towels over and over, you are going to save tons of money on kitchen decor. Instead of buying 8 box seats in a store, buy 1 box seat and put it in your closet. Or make your own box seats. You can buy your linens at the dollar store or second hand. You can also use a plastic bag as a liner and make a hanging towel.

Cleaning and Organizing

Some people are willing to spend more time cleaning their kitchen. It may sound like a silly thing to spend extra money on, but more time spent cleaning a kitchen may mean a less messy and more completed kitchen.

DIY Decoration

Decorate your kitchen at home with inexpensive items, such as paint and paper. When the items cost less than $2, consider carrying them in with you, to save your time and paint. Carry two or three pieces of kitchen fixtures or appliances with you to ensure you have them on hand when you arrive home. It is important to have these items in your kitchen to utilize the space to the maximum.

Create a lovely finishing touch by taking small clips of wallpaper and decorating the cabinets. Buy a few things, which will be enough for decorative purposes. Decorate your space as you go along. Take items from an old desk, desk drawer, or on to the cutting board. Make a few wall hangings.

Turn your aging antique appliances into a focal point. Take them apart and clean them out. Take photos of the interior as well. Then use these photos to create a digital kitchen.