Turn Your Living Room Into a Green Space

Green Living Room Ideas is an easy way to create a new space that is environmentally conscious. Dark green combines beautifully with a host of bright pinks, yellows and blues to create a lively and inviting color scheme. The color green accomplishes many things for a room. Firstly, it helps to evoke a sense of greenness and vitality. Second, earthy tones are more neutral, making it easier to integrate into a wide variety of decors and accessories, and lastly, the deep, earthy hues are very warm and inviting, ideal for creating a cozy, intimate environment.

Turn Your Living Room Into a Green Space


Deep green, on the other hand, is amazingly effective in creating a soothing, natural atmosphere, very useful for fostering a connection to nature. And since both colors typically seen together outside, mixing green and blue in green living room schemes takes only eyes to do, little, to none, adjusting, that is so ideal for creating an atmosphere of harmony and restfulness. Deep green wallpaper is a wonderful addition to any home; it will beautify your living room without overpowering it or distorting the design of your furniture. Deep green wallpaper comes in a variety of colors, usually blended seamlessly with other natural and earth tones, and some more daringly peel back to reveal colorful mosaic designs and patterns.


If you have a larger wall space, you can use two different colors of green paint, one for the floor and one for the wall. By creating three-dimensional objects with several shades of green paint, your living space will be given depth and life. Choose dark, rich colors for the walls to define a more solid foundation for the interesting design of the accent wall. A dark chocolate colored or burnt orange may be used as a frame to hold your accents, such as a profusion of irises, calla lilies, or forest green.


Now you can define your color scheme by utilizing the accent wall as a frame for a richer color scheme. Choose a deeper, richer hue for the wall color and then choose lighter accent colors for your trim and curtains, such as a fuchsia, aqua blue, or burnt orange. To break up this solid color scheme, use an accent wall that breaks up the solid elements by using a lighter shade of hue on either side. An example would be a turquoise and bamboo shade, or a burnt orange and jade shade. Or break up the more solid scheme by using lighter accent colors on the floor, couch, and lighting fixtures. You could choose a soft green for the rugs and throw pillows in your green living room scheme.


Another simple way to create a bold, but warm living environment in your home is to use lots of rich, intense colors. The room can be furnished in rich, bold colors such as deep burgundy, deep emerald, or ultra-modern green. Use these colors to draw attention to favorite artwork pieces, or to build a bold, distinctive design. Paint your walls in a rich, deep hue with a touch of accent color throughout the room. Use rich, contrasting patterns and textures to open up your space.


Bold patterns are most effective when they are paired with a pattern that is visually striking. Try using a vertical line in a rich, contrasting color combination to make an impression. For a fun, vintage look, try a rich antique rug that contrasts dramatically with a contemporary couch and tables. If you have a beautiful chandelier, place it against a large wall art featuring a bold color combination.


With your decorating ideas in hand, the next step is to choose a living room furniture set that will complement your color scheme. The furniture you choose will depend on the overall theme you have chosen. If you live in a modern home, you may want to go with an eclectic collection of eclectic pieces that you haven’t seen before. Make sure to select pieces that have clean lines and a minimalist look. Contemporary furniture sets may include a coffee table, end tables, or even a stack chair. You can add accessories such as a vase of flowers that coordinate with your wall color to enhance the overall look.


Remember that your couch should be the focal point of your living area, so keep your accent’s simple. Hang art that you love but don’t overpower the space. Add interesting pieces and accents that complement your sofa, sofas, coffee tables, and other decor. If you play with the shade of the wall paint, you can create a funky, fun look that is unique to your own home!