Use a Vanity in Your Small Bathroom

Use a Vanity in Your Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are notorious for having limited space. A small bathroom is usually approximately 35 forty square feet, with lots of dead space around the drain. While space is often at a premium in such a small bathroom, creatively decorating the area can be an exciting and useful interior decorating lesson to visually expand it and to maximize its potential as a functional space. The trick is to find creative and clever ways to make the most of what you have without going overboard.

In designing small bathrooms, it’s important to remember that the key to a cramped and small room is maximizing your floor space. To do this, use shelves and cabinets that are both small and useful. Keep in mind that most small bathroom shelving units are designed with the homeowner in mind, so they will not be too big or tall, and therefore will be easy to access. Most manufacturers offer a variety of styles and designs, from modern to rustic, and are built to last. In addition, because most shelves and cabinets are built with cabinets below the counter, they will also provide plenty of useful work space for organizing smaller items, such as toothpaste, shampoo, or shaving cream. In many cases, you can simply hang these items on the wall when not in use.

Another way to maximize space in your small bathroom ideas is to use mirrors to reflect light. This will help to illuminate the space, making it appear larger and brighter, which can increase your level of privacy as well. Mirrors work best on walls, because they will create a “bigger” space when viewed from the right position. If you have mirrors, the best solution is to install two, rather than one, in each corner.

A great small bathroom ideas idea that will save you a lot of floor space is a powder room. A powder room is like a larger version of the small bathroom shower niche, only it has more depth. Most powder rooms are elongated, with no apparent dividing walls, and are usually lined with durable cork flooring. A powder room will allow you to utilize the rest of the floor space for other things, since the walls of the powder room will not be blocked by the ceiling or any other elements. However, you will need to ensure that your walls can handle the additional load of the larger sized space saver.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, wall-to-wall cabinets can be used to create the illusion of a larger bathroom. Since bathrooms are generally smaller than traditional large bathrooms, using large bathroom cabinet and mirror sets will help to expand the appearance of the area. The cabinets work best installed into a wall that will be covered by the wallpaper or paint. While this is an effective strategy, cabinets are generally not the best design elements for small bathrooms. Since small bathrooms tend to have smaller sized floor plans, wall-to-wall cabinets will likely require much more floor space than you may be able to afford. This means that you will need to supplement your wall-to-wall cabinet plans with other design elements to make up the difference.

Mirrors are another useful addition to any room in a home, but they are especially helpful when it comes to small bathroom size. The reason why mirrors are so important for small bathrooms is because they increase the appearance of space by showing more space underneath the mirror than in large bathrooms. Therefore, in order to save space and give the impression of a larger bathroom, installing mirrors in the powder rooms and the adjacent areas in between them will help you fill up the area without over-stuffing it. Mirrors can also be used as focal points in the small bathroom design, allowing you to use one large mirror to spotlight a painting or feature in the room.

If you are working with limited floor space, or if you just want to make the most of the small bathroom space, there are many ways that you can maximize the use of vanity sinks in your bathroom. For instance, because they take up very little floor space, a freestanding tub in the vanity area of the small bathroom can actually be the perfect vanity for the space. Even a pedestal sink can serve your needs because it offers a wider, more expansive view of the floor area that it takes up. If you are concerned about the possibility of staining the floors in your small bathroom because of soap scum or water damage, a floor mounted basin can also help protect the flooring.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can make the most out of any small bathroom space that you have. Because of the small size of most modern houses, most homeowners don’t have to worry about spacious floor areas in their bathrooms. However, that doesn’t mean that small bathrooms can’t have a large impact on the design of the rest of the house. Adding sinks and/or vanities to the small bathroom can increase its importance, and can also help to ensure that you enjoy as much space as possible in your home.