What Is the Bathroom Dimensions Required From Your Fixtures?

Bathroom dimensions are one of the main factors to consider when remodeling a bathroom. If your bathroom is too small you won’t be able to do all the things that you would like to. Also, it can be very frustrating to use a very tiny bathroom, especially if it’s a walk in one! When remodeling a bathroom, one should give importance to bathroom dimensions.

What Is the Bathroom Dimensions Required From Your Fixtures?


Clearances – Bathroom dimensions require proper clearances between fixtures and walls. You don’t want to place a large mirror on a tiny wall because it might not fit. The clearances between fixtures and walls need to be measured to ensure that the room has adequate space for movement. So when measuring for bathroom dimensions, make sure you include clearances for doors, windows, bath lights, cupboards, and basins. A good rule of thumb is that if the room is wider than it is tall then the clearances should be long.


Floor Plans – Bathrooms are meant to relax and get you ready to face the day, so make sure you take bathroom dimensions into consideration when drawing out floor plans. Also, remember that bathrooms are meant to be relaxing, so don’t go overboard with the decoration. Remember, too many tiles on the floor mean that there is too much activity going on, so keep things simple. The minimum requirements of a bathroom are: a front/side door, a window or skylight with a clear view and at least one toilet. There are other minimum requirements, but these are the basic ones.


Shower Size – Bathroom dimensions also require you to look at the shower size. Some people have a tub and shower and others don’t. Generally, people who have a tub and shower are looking for more space and thus they are looking for larger spaces than those who don’t. If you plan to make use of the master bathroom layout for an extra-wide bathroom, then you might consider a larger shower size. Usually, the dimensions for these vary depending on the height of the master bathroom.


Light Fixtures – Usually, light fixtures are installed around the bathroom, especially in the shower area. However, this does not mean that you can’t install them in other parts of the bathroom, such as the toilet or the vanity. What matters here is the type of lighting you are going to choose for your bathroom and the requirements that you have for your bath.


Bathtub Clearance – The next measurement that you have to take for the bathroom is the width and length of the bathtub. These measurements are referred to as the clearances. The clearances are measured in terms of vertical and horizontal. This means that the distance between the top of the tiling and the first bend of the wall that you will build will be the same no matter what measurement you choose. The same is true with the depth of the bathtub, which you need to take into account when determining your clearances.


Shower Enclosure – Finally, you have to measure your bathroom sink and the drain for the sink. This is to determine the clear space needed for the installation of a shower enclosure. It is also necessary to take the clear space of the shower enclosure into consideration when deciding the dimensions of the bathroom sink and the vanity. In general, the vanity and the sink must be at the same level and therefore the size of your shower enclosure should be the same as well. On the other hand, if you want to have a smaller-sized shower enclosure, then you need to increase the size of your bathroom sink. As you can see, all these measurements can vary based on your needs and the needs of your home.


All in all, these are the most important measurements that you will need to take into account when you are measuring for bathroom sizes. There are some other considerations that will affect these measurements such as the height and width of a room and the clearance required from one floor to another. You can find additional information about bathroom dimensions and clearances on the Internet. Just do a simple search on Google and you will find all the answers that you are looking for. Happy measuring!